Providing Fiscal Sponsorship

Sponsoring Innovative Projects

RPA provides administrative and programmatic platforms that enable you to develop, launch and promote high-impact projects around the globe. Our fiscal sponsorship services make it possible for private foundations and unincorporated groups to conduct targeted charitable activities, create grantmaking programs or receive U.S. tax-deductible donations. Establishing a fiscal sponsorship under RPA’s 501(c)(3) public charity designation substantially reduces the costs typically associated with developing nonprofit governance, management and operational infrastructure. It also can be a useful interim step while your project makes the transition to independent charitable status.

We have extensive experience managing start-up, innovative and complex projects in the U.S and overseas, and our staff can provide you with the full complement of services needed to achieve your charitable objectives, that includes:

  • Providing strong accounting, HR, finance & IT infrastructure
  • Developing and monitoring sophisticated project budget and grant reporting
  • Offering research, analysis, grantmaking and evaluation services
  • Adopting project governance structures that engage external advisors, funders and other principals
  • Retaining staff through RPA’s payroll and benefits administrative services

Click here to view an example of this service for the Strong American Schools campaign.

Click here to view an example of this service for The Bridge Fund.